Life – An Exalted Destiny – Aga Khan III

Life - An Exalted Destiny - Aga Khan III Life is a great and noble calling; not a mean and grovelling thing to be shuffled through as best as we can, but a lofty and exalted destiny.

Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad attributed to Imam Hazrat Ali – Reza Shah-Kazemi


God helps him who helps his brother - Prophet Muhammad


‘No companion of the Prophet has had such fada’il ascribed to him as those which have been ascribed to ‘Ali b. Abi Talib.’



‘Truly, ‘Ali is from me and I am from him (inna ‘Ali minni wa ana minhu), and he is the wali (patron/spiritual master) of every believer after me.

‘Ali is with the Qur’an and the Qur’an is with ‘Ali. They will not separate from each other until they return to me at the [paradisal pool] (alhawd).

‘Three things were revealed to me regarding ‘Ali: he is the leader of the Muslims, the guide of the pious and chief of the radiantly devout (sayyidu’l-muslimin, imamu’l-muttaqin, wa qa’idu’l-ghurra’l- muhajjalin)’.

‘Gazing upon ‘Ali is an act of worship (al-nazar ila ‘Ali ‘ibada).

‘May God have mercy on ‘Ali. O God, make the truth revolve around ‘Ali wherever he turns (adiri‘l-haqq ma‘ahu haythu dara).’

‘I am the city of knowledge and ‘Ali is its gate; so whoever desires knowledge, let him enter the gate. (Ana Madinatul ilm wa Ali Babuha)

‘Truly, I am leaving behind amongst you the two weighty things (al-thaqalayn): the Book of God and my Ahl al-Bayt, they will not be parted from each other until they return to me at the [paradisal pool] al-hawd’.

‘O ‘Ali, you are a leader (sayyid) in the world and the Hereafter. Your beloved is my beloved, and my beloved is the beloved of God; your enemy is my enemy, and my enemy is the enemy of God. Woe be to those who hate you after me [after I have passed away].’

‘Whoever desires to live my life and to die my death and to take his rest in the eternal Garden my Lord has promised me, let him orient himself towards ‘Ali b. Abi Talib, for truly he will never cause you to depart from right guidance, nor cause you to enter into error.’

The Prophet said that ‘Ali was ‘as my own soul’ (ka-nafsi).

He said to ‘Ali, ‘You are from me and I am from you (anta minni wa ana minka).’

‘… whoever obeys ‘Ali obeys me, and whoever disobeys him disobeys me.’

‘You will clarify for my community that over which they will differ after me.’ (anta tubayyinu li-ummati ma’khtalafu fihi ba’di).

‘There is one amongst you who will fight for the ta’wil [spiritual interpretation] of the Qur’an as I have fought for its tanzil [literal revelation].’ Abu Bakr asked, ‘Is it I?’ The Prophet said, ‘No’. ‘Umar asked, ‘Is it I?’ The Prophet said, ‘No, it is the one who is mending the sandal.’ The Prophet had given ‘Ali his sandal to mend.

‘O ‘Ali, whoever separates himself from me separates himself from God, and whoever separates himself from you, O ‘Ali, separates himself from me.’

…The Prophet said to his wife ‘A‘isha, ‘Call unto me the leader (sayyid) of the Arabs.’ She asked, ‘O Prophet of God, are you not the leader of the Arabs?’ He said, ‘I am the leader of the children of Adam, and ‘Ali is the leader of the Arabs.’

When Fatima was asked by some women why the Prophet had married her to such a poor man as ‘Ali, she related this to the Prophet. He said: ‘Are you not pleased that God – exalted and glorified be He – conferred upon the people of the world [a benefit] and chose two men, one of them is your father, the other your husband?’

‘The first of you to enter the [paradisal] pool (al-hawd) is the first of you who entered Islam, ‘Ali b. Abi Talib.’

‘Ali is from me and I am from him (‘Ali minni wa ana minhu), and nobody can fulfil my duty but myself and ‘Ali.’

‘Ali himself relates that the Prophet said to him that none but a believer will love him [‘Ali], and none but a hypocrite will hate him.

When the Prophet was about to depart for an expedition to Tabuk, he left ‘Ali as his deputy in Medina. ‘Ali was sad not to be joining him. The Prophet said, ‘Are you not happy that you should have in relation to me the rank of Aaron in relation to Moses, except that there is no prophet after me?’

The Prophet prayed to God to bring ‘the most beloved of thy creatures’ to partake with him in a meal of fowl. Only when ‘Ali came did the Prophet ask him to join him.’

Among the several verses of the Qur’an which were commented upon by the Prophet with reference to ‘Ali is 13: 7: ‘Verily thou art a warner, and for every people there is a guide.’ The Prophet said, ‘I am the warner …you are the guide, O ‘Ali. After me, the rightly-guided shall be guided by you.’

In regard to the revelation of verse 55 of Sura 5 (alMa’ida), ‘Verily your wali is only God and His Messenger and those who believe, establish the prayer and give alms while bowing in prayer,’ the commentators relate this to the incident when ‘Ali, whilst bowing in prayer, held out his ring for a beggar who had asked for alms. The Prophet recited this verse when told of the incident and added, in what are probably the most well known words of all in regard to ‘Ali:

‘For whomever I am the mawla [guardian, master, close friend], ‘Ali is his mawla (man kuntu mawlahu fa-’Ali mawlahu).’

Source: Reza Shah-Kazemi (2006), Justice and Remembrance: Introducing the Spirituality of Imam ‘Ali

Editor’s note: The above book by Reza Shah-Kazemi is a veritable gem and I highly recommend it.

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Quran, 13:28

ألا بِذِكْرِ اللهِ تَطمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ

“Verily! In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find contentment.” - Quran, 13:28

Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad:

‘Ali is ‘as my own soul’ (ka-nafsi).

He said to ‘Ali, ‘You are from me and I am from you (anta minni wa ana minka).’

‘Truly, ‘Ali is from me and I am from him (inna ‘Ali minni wa ana minhu), and he is the wali (patron/spiritual master) of every believer after me.’

Hazrat Ali

12. When some blessings come to you, do not drive them away through thanklessness.

13. He who is deserted by friends and relatives will often find help and sympathy from strangers.

Imam Ali Sayings

Imam Jaffer Sadiq

لاَ يَكُونُ شَيْءٌ فِي اْلاَرْضِ وَلا فِي السَّمَاءِ إِلاَّ بِهذِهِ الْخِصَالِ السَّبْعِ: بِمَشيئَةٍ وَ إِرادَةٍ وَقَدَرٍ وَقَضَاءٍ وَ إِذْنٍ وَكِتابٍ وَأَجَلٍ. فَمَنْ زَعَمَ أَنَّهُ يَقْدِرُ عَلى نَقْضٍ وَاحِدَةٍ، فَقَدْ كَفَرَ.

“Nothing occurs in this earth and in the heaven except with the following seven stages: Will, intention, destiny, decree, permission, book and implementation. Then whoever thinks that he can reduce any of these stages, then indeed he has disbelieved.”

- Imam Jaffer Sadiq, Usul al Kafi, vol. 1, p. 149

Rumi on Ramadan

The month of fasting has come, the emperor’s banner has arrived; withhold your hand from food, the spirit’s table has arrived. The soul has escaped from separation and bound nature’s hands; the heart of error is defeated, the army of faith has arrived. Fasting is our sacrifice, it is the life of our soul; let us sacrifice all our body, since the soul has arrived as guest. Fortitude is as a sweet cloud, wisdom rains from it, because it was in such a month of fortitude that the Koran arrived. …Wash your hands and your mouth, neither eat nor speak; seek that speech and that morsel which has come to the silent ones.


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99 Beautiful Names

Asma-ul Husna


Aga Khan jokes

Aga Khan Speech Brown University May 1996:

"Looking around this colorful gathering, I recall helping in the choice of the Aga Khan University's regalia. Our research into Islamic traditions of academic dress revealed that an academic's rank determined the height of his hat. The higher the rank, the taller the hat. The senior most professors therefore appeared taller than their students even when sitting down. I have just learnt that my friend Neil Rudenstein, the President of Harvard has given instructions that all Harvard hats are to be heightened by at least a foot. This has caused havoc in the Ivy League which is now debating resolution MAHH96, standing for Maximum Allowable Hat Height. My academic standing and that of President Gregorian, should be evident from the hats that we are presently wearing!"

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