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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Life and Lectures of Al Muayyad fid-din al Shirazi
Majalis-ul Muayyadiya - by Al Muayyad fid-din Shirazi
      Edited by Jawad Muscati and A. M. Moulvi. Karachi:
      Ismailia Assoc. Pakistan, 1950. 183 pp.
Contents Lectures 1 through 20 of the Majalis - (Lectures Coming soon!)

                        Table Of Contents

Life Of Syedna Al-Muayyad-Fid-Din
1. Potential And Actual "Jannat" (Paradise)
 1.2 Actual "Jannat" And Experiencing A New Life
2. The Real Names Of God
3. The Meaning Of Salam
4. No Earthly Life Beyond Death
5. The Real Enjoyment In The World
6. No Animal Life Beyond Death
7. The Soul Is Ascending
8. The Meaning Of Six Days In Which God Created The Heavens And Earth
9. The True Meaning Of The Qur'an Cannot Be Understood Without The
Help Of The Imams
10. The Love Of The Imams Is A Duty Imposed By God
11. The Meaning Of The Mysterious Letters
12. The Vilayat Of Ali
13. True Faith In The Unity Of God Cannot Be Achieved Without The
Guidance Of The Imams
14. The True Meaning Of The Tradition:"I Am The City Of Knowledge And ĎAli Is Its Gate"
15. Be In The World But Not Of The World
16. The Maintainer Of Our Souls
17. Spiritual Parents
18. The Holy Tree
19. He Who Knows Himself Knows God
20. Interpretation Of The Qur'an

Contents Lectures 1 through 20 of the Majlis - (Lectures Coming soon!)
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