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Prince Hussain Aga Khan and Miss Kristin J. White Engagement
Calligraphy on Shahi Zinda

60270 Gouvieux, France


Gouvieux, France, Monday April 24, 2006: The engagement is today announced between Prince Hussain Aga Khan and Miss Kristin J. White, who adopted the name Khaliya upon embracing Islam.

Prince Hussain, the second son of the Aga Khan and Princess Salimah Aga Khan, was born in 1974. He attended Deerfield Academy and subsequently Williams College, from where he graduated in 1997. Since then, Prince Hussain has been based in France and working with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. Following completion of a Master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University in 2004, Prince Hussain assumed additional responsibility at the Aga Khan Foundation for the conceptualisation of programmes on environmental issues.

Miss White was born in 1976 in the United States. She holds a Bachelor's degree in European Studies and International Affairs from New York University and a Master's degree in Public Health from Columbia University. A professional health consultant, Miss White has conducted field research in countries of South and East Asia, North America and Eastern Europe. Her assignments have entailed developing responses to issues in a range of thematic areas, including those of interest to the Aga Khan Development Network, such as community health, urbanism, education and economic development.

The couple, who met as a result of their graduate studies at Columbia University, are expected to marry in the autumn of this year.

For further information, please contact:
Semin Abdulla
Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan
60270 Gouvieux, France
Tel: + 33 3 44 58 40 00
e-mail: information@aiglemont.org

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