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Updated: Dec. 4 2008

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Selected Suras of the Holy Qur'an

Quran 18:36 Mashallah - That which Allah willed has come to pass

Calligraphy in Thuluth Script
"Mashallah - That which Allah willed has come to pass"
From the Holy Qur'an 18:39, Al-Kahf

In the Name of God, Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful
Bismillahi'r Rahmani'r Rahim
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Selected Suras of the Holy Qur'an

Sura 1 Al Fatiha--The Opening Audio
1. Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem 
2. Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil aalameen 
3. Ar rahmaanir raheem 
4. Maaliki yaumid deen 
5. Iyaaka na budu wa iyyaaka nasta een 
6. Ihdinaas siraatal mustaqeem 
7. Siraatal ladzeena an amta alayhim Ghayril maghduubi alayhim wa laad daalleen 
1. With the name of Allah most gracious, most merciful 
2. All praise is due to Allah cherisher and sustainer of the worlds 
3. Most gracious, most merciful 
4. Master of the day of Judgement 
5. You alone do we worship your aid do we seek 
6. Guide us to the straight path 
7. The way of those who have won thy favor 
8. Those whose portion is not wrath and who go not astray 
Sura 87 Suuratu A'alaa--The Most High Audio
1. Sabbih Ismarabbikal A'alaa 
2. Alladhee khalaqa fasawwaa 
3. Walladhee qaddara fahadaa 
4. Walladhee akhrajal mar'aa 
5. Faja'alahuu ghuthaa'an ahwaa 
6. Sanuqriuka falaa tansaa 
7. Ill maa shaa Allah innihu ya'alamul jahra wa maa yakhfaa. 
8. Wa nuyassiruka lilyusraa. 
9. Fadhakkir in nafa'aatidhdhikraa 
10. Sayadhhak karu man yakhshaa. 
11. Wa yatajannabuhaal ashqaa. 
12. Alladhee yaslaan naaral kubraa. 
13. Thumma laa yamuutu feehaa wa laa yahyaa. 
14. Qad aflaha man tazakkaa. 
15. Wa dhakarasma rabbihi Fasallaa. 
16. Bal tuuthiruunal hayaatad dunyaa. 
17. Wal aakhiratu khairun wa abqaa. 
18. Inna haadhaa lafee suhufil uulaa. 
19. Suhufi Ibraahema wa Muusaa.
1. Glorify the name of your guardian Lord Most High 
2. Who has created and further given order and proportion 
3. Who has ordained laws, and granted guidance 
4. And who brings out the green and luscious pasture 
5. and then makes it but swarthy stubble 
6. By degrees shall we teach you to declare the message so you shall not forget, 
7. Except as Allah wills: For He knows what is manifest and what is hidden. 
8. And we will make it easy for you-the simple. 
9. Therefore give admonition in case the admonition profits the hearer. 
10. The admonition will be received by those who fear Allah. 
11. But it will be avoided by those most unfortunate ones. 
12. Who will enter the great fire, 
13. In which they will neither die nor live. 
14. But those who prosper will purify themselves, 
15. And glorify the name of their Guardian Lord, and lift their hearts in Prayer. 
16. No behold you prefer the life of this world. 
17. But the Hereafter is better and more enduring. 
18. And this is in the books of the earliest 
19. The books of Abraham and Moses.
Sura 91 Shams--The Sun Audio
1. Wash shamsi wa duhaahaa 
2. Wal qamari idzaa talaahaa 
3. Wan nahaari idzaa jallaahaa 
4. Wal layli idzaa yaguhshaahaa 
5. Was samaa'i wa maa banaahaa 
6. Wal ardi wa maa tahaahaa 
7. Wa nafsin wa maa sawwaahaa 
8. Fa'alhamahaa fujuurahaa wataqwaahaa 
9. Qa d aflaha man zakkaahaa 
10. Wa qad khaaba man dassaahaa 
11. Kadzdzabat thamuudu bitagh waahaa 
12. idzin ba'atha ashqaahaa 
13. faqaala lahum rasuulullaahi naaqatallaahi wa suqyaahaa 
14. Fakadzdzabuuhu fa'aqaruuhaa fadamdama 'alayhim Rabbuhum bidzanbihim fasawwaahaa 
15. Wa laa yakhaafu 'uqbaahaa
1. By the sun in his glorious splendour; 
2. By the moon as she follows him; 
3. By the day as it shows up (the sun's) glory; 
4. By the night as it conceals it; 
5. By the firmamant and its wonderful structure; 
6. By the earth and its (wide) expanse; 
7. By the soul, and the proportion and order given to it; 
8. And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right; 
9. Truly he succeeds that purifys it, 
10. And he fails that corrupts it! 
11. The Thamud (people) rejected (their prophet) through their inordinate wrongdoing. 
12. Behold the most wicked man among them was deputed (for impiety). 
13. But the apostle of Allah said to them: "It is a she-camel of Allah! and (bar her not from) having her drink!" 
14. Then they rejected him , and they hamstrung her. So their Lord on account of their crime, obliterated their traces and made them equal(in destruction, high and low)! 
15. And for Him is no fear of its consequences.
Sura 97 Qadr--The Night of Power Audio
1. Inaa anzalnaahu fee Laylatil Qadr 
2. Wa maa 'adraaka ma Laylatul Qadr 
3. Laylatul Qadri khayrun min alfi shahr 
4. Tannazzalul malaa'ikatu war ruuhu feehaa bi'idzni rabbihim min kulli amr 
5. Sallaamun hiya hattaa matla il fajr
We have indeed revealed this message in the Night of Power 
And what will explain to you what the Night of Power is? 
The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. 
In it come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah's permission, on every errand. 
Peace! This until the rise of Morn
Sura 103 Asr--Time Through the Ages Audio
1. Wal asr 2. Innal insaana lafi khusr 
3. Illaal ladzeena aamanuu 
wa amiluus saalihaati wa tawaasaw bil haqqi wa tawaasaw bis sabr 
By the token of time through the ages 
Truly man is in loss, 
Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and join together in the mutual teaching of truth and of patience and constancy 
108 Sura Kauthar--Abundance Audio
1. Inna a'taynaakal kawthar 
2. Fasalli li Rabbika wanhar 
3. Inna shaani aka huwal abtar 
To you We granted the Fount of abundance 
Therefore to your Lord turn in Prayer and sacrifice 
For he who hates you, he will be cut off 
Sura 109 Kafirun--Those who Reject Faith Audio
1. Qul yaa ayuhal kaafiruun 
2. Laa abudu maa tabuduun 
3. Walaa antum a'abiduuna ma a'bud 
4. Walaa ana a'abidum maa abadttum 
5. Walaa antum aabiduun maa a'bud 
6. Lakum deenakum waliya deen 
Say: O you who reject faith! 
I worship not that which you worship, 
Nor will you worship that which I worship, 
And I will not worship that which you have 
been wont to worship, Nor will you worship that which I worship. 
To you be your Religion, and to me my Religion. 
Sura 110 Nasr--Help Audio  
1. Idzaa ja'aa nasrullahi walfath 
2. Wa ra'aytan naasa yadkhuluuna fee deenilla hi afwaajaa 
3. Fasabbih bi hamdi Rabbika wastaghfirhu innahuu kaan tawwabaa 
When comes the help of Allah and victory 
And you do see the people enter God's religion in crowds 
Celebrate the praises of your Lord and pray for His forgiveness: for he is oft-returning 
Sura 111 Lahab--The Father of Flame Audio  
1. Tabbat yadaa' Abee Lahabin watabb 
2. Maa 'aghnaa anhu mala u wamaa kasab 
3. Sa-yaslaa naran dzaat lahab 
4. Wamra-atuhu hammalatal hatab 
5. Fee jeedihaa hablum mim-masad 
Perish the hands of the father of Flame! 
Perish He! No profit to him from all his wealth and all his gains 
Burnt soon will he be in a fire of blazing flame! 
His wife shall carry the crackling wood as fuel! 
A twisted rope of palm-leaf fibre round her own neck! 
Sura 112 Ikhlas--The Purity Audio
1. Qul hu allahu ahad 
2. Allahus samad 
3. Lam yulid wa lam yulad 
4. wa lam yaqul lahu kufuwan ahad 
Say He is Allah the one and only 
He is eternal absolute 
He begets not nor is He begotten 
and there is none like Him 
Sura 113 Falaq--The Dawn Audio  
1. Qul a uudz birabil Falaq 
2. Min sharri ma khalaq 
3. Wa min sharri ghasiqin i zaa waqab 
4. Wa min sharrin naffaasati fil uqad 
5. Wa min sharri haasidin idzaa hasad 
Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn 
From the mischief of created things; 
From the mischief of darkness as it spreads 
From the mischief of those who practice Secret arts 
And from the mischief of the envier when he envies 
Sura 114 Nas--Mankind Audio
1. Qul a'uudz bi Rabbin nas 
2. Malikin naas 
3. Illahin naas 
4. Min sharril was wasil khanaas 
5. Alladzee yu waswisu fee suduurin naas 
6. Mina jinnatti wan naas 
Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind 
The King (or Ruler) of Mankind 
The God (or Judge) of Mankind 
From the evil of the whisperer who withdraws 
Who whispers into the hearts of Mankind of Jinn and men. 


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