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Updated: July 8, 2008

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Imamat Day July 11, 2012 - Mashallah! 55 Years!
Khushi-Ali Mubarak and Didaar Mubarak Everyone!

Mowlana Hazar Imam His Highness the Aga Khan at the 50th Imamat Day Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Imam of the Ismaili Muslims - His Highness the Aga Khan at the 50th Imamat Day Golden Jubilee Celebrations amongst a gathering of his followers - Imam of the Time, Lamb of the Ages

Imamat Day is celebrated every year by Ismaili Shia Muslims on the day that the Imamat transferred from the past Imam to the Present Living Imam. The current Imam is the direct successor in the chain of 49 Imams when Hazrat Ali was appointed as Prophet Muhammad's successor. This anniversary is celebrated with great rejoicing by the followers of the Imam, for it is a unique occasion full of symbolism wherein the continuance of Allah's covenant is celebrated.

"Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet, the Ummi (who can neither read nor write), whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel (which are) with them. He will enjoin on them that which is right and forbid them that which is wrong. He will make lawful for them all good things and prohibit for them only the foul; and he will relieve them of their burden and the fetters that they used to wear. Then those who believe in him, and honour him, and help him, and follow the Light which is sent down with him: they are the successful ones." - Quran 7:157

This year, we are celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Present Living Imam's accession to the seat of Imamat.

Here is a wonderful treat for you and your family on the occasion of this auspicious event. Mowlana Hazar Imam's message at Takht Nashini 1957 upon his installation as Imam!

Aga Khan Enthronement Speech 1957 - Soothing voice!

Golden Jubilee Inauguration Ceremony at Aiglemont July 11, 2007 - His message is so important to our world!

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While you read the rest of this page, I urge you to please have these videos playing in the background to create the ambiance of the wonderful occasion of Imamat Day that will be celebrated all over the world and so the videos depicting different languages and their love for the Holy Imam.

Grace of the Age and Time - Ali Ali! Persian!

Ya Allah Ya Muhammad Ya Ali - Arabic!

As Momins (believers) we renew our pledge, to carry out in our Din wa Duniya (spiritual and material lives) what God wants us to do and stay away from what He prohibits, to obey the Imam in acheiving this goal. In helping Mowlana Hazar Imam in his work in secular and spiritual arenas, we rejoice in the bargain we have made. He gives to his community and to humanity more each year, a veritable role model to follow. Mashallah!

Allah has declared that His Light is everpresent and will remain a Guide until Judgement Day. In every Jomma, (period of Imamat) even though the previous Imam passes away, the believers rejoice at the appointment of the new, Living Imam as the Hablillah (Rope of Allah) continues.

This occasion is even more solemn as many events point to its importance. For example, Prophet Muhammad's birthday was also his death anniversary. For Shia Muslims, this was a further endorsement of the divinely ordained appointment of Hazrat Ali who at Gadhir-e Khumm was installed by Prophet Muhammad as his successor and was to be the Lord of the believers after him. This appointment to me is even more legitimized as Hazrat Ali was born on Navroz which has been identified as the day when many of the historic world events that took place on March 21st and this is the other occasion Ismaili Muslims celebrate with vigor.

"It was on Navroz that Adam was created, that God made a covenant with the souls, that Abraham destroyed the pagan idols, that the Prophet of Islam received first revelation, that the Prophet took Ali on his shoulders to smash 360 idols in Mecca, and most important of all, that he declared Ali as his legitimate successor." - Imam Jafar Sadiq quoted in Bihar al-Anwar

As explained in my intro pages this Grace described by God, this Lamp spreading Light is none other than the Living and Present Imam of our time, Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazar Imam. Salawaat And as Ismailis, we are very fortunate indeed, to have been gifted with this unique opportunity to be called his spiritual children and to be "the successful ones" described in Sura 7:157 above! Mashallah!

The Truth - Haq
Quran 35-24 Sura Fatir
        "The Truth sent by Allah...


Inna arsalnaka bil Haqqi Basheeran wa Natheeran wa-in min ommatin illa khalafeeha natheer

Lo! We have sent thee with the Truth, a bearer of glad tidings and a warner; and there is not a nation but a warner hath passed among them.

Surely We have sent you with the truth as a bearer of good news and a warner; and there is not a people but a warner has gone among them.

Hakika Sisi tumekutuma wewe kwa Haki, kuwa ni mbashiri na mwonyaji. Na hapana umma wowote ila ulipata mwonyaji kati yao. 2. Quran 24:35

For every age, Lord God Almighty has left us with a Witness and a Warner to guide us to the right path. It was inspired by this that our Ismaili hero Nasir Khusraw converted to Shia Ismaili from Sunni as he questioned why God's hand was on the shoulders of the people (refer to Quran 48:7-10) during Prophet Muhammad's time and so what about the people of the current time, why would they lose out on this Grace? To answer this question, he was prompted to search and found the Rightful Legatees of the Holy Prophet in Cairo during the Fatimid period.

"Ayatana fil afaq wa fi anfusihim - "We shall show them Our signs on the horizons and within themselves until it will become clear to them that it is the Truth. Does it not suffice that your Lord is Witness over all things?" Quran 41:53

"They rejoice on account of favor from Allah and (His) grace, and that Allah will not waste the reward of the believers." Quran 3.171

As Ismailis we are truly fortunate to have received this Grace over the centuries and we have been rejoicing this favor and that is why there is always a lot of Daandia Raas and dancing in our tradition!

Not only do we dance and rejoice at this occasion, we also go into deep meditation and Zikr (remembrance) of Allah for granting us this Grace. Our ultimate aim is to concentrate in Ibaadat (meditation in Allah's name), and sit in contemplation of the esoteric meaning of the Didaar, and aspire to become one with the One Who is above all else, Inshallah. Therefore, as we sit in Intezaar (awaiting) for his appearance, we invoke the Salawaat continuously, listen to the Ginans and Farmans (Orders of the Imam) to seek the path to enlightenment and directions our Spiritual Guide wants us to follow in our physical and spiritual lives. I hope that the few words I have presented on this page will move you to join in and to bring about His peace and unity on earth, Inshallah!

"Say [Prophet Muhammad]: this is my Path, I call [others] to Allah with sure knowledge, I and whosever follows after me. To Allah be glory! And I am not among the idolaters." Chapter Joseph (Yusuf) Quran 12:108

The Master and the Disciple By Nasir Khusraw The master turned my night into broad daylight with proofs as clear as radiant sunlight. Since he made me drink from the water of life, death has become quite insignificant to me. When I looked from the corner of his eye, I saw the earth rotating beneath my feet. He showed me the visible and hidden worlds, both located in one place, my own body. I saw the two guardians of paradise and hell inhabiting the same place, my own breast. He pointed to one who is the keeper of paradise and said to me: "I am his disciple." I saw eight gates, closed in the same place, and seven other gates open, one above the other. He said to me: "If you wish to enter a gate, you have to obtain his permission first." When I asked him to explain the secret to me, he recited its story from beginning to end. The master said: "He is the lord of the time, chosen by God from men and jinns."

The Sovereign of the Time By Nasir Khusraw

The soul of the universe is the sovereign of time, for God has raised up the body through the soul. When the auspicious Jupiter saw his face, it became the source of munificence, the mine of good fortune. As long as the clouds of Navroz wash all quarters of the garden with showers of lustrous pearls; and the nightingale laments the rose at the break of dawn, like a grieving soul separated from its lover: may the authority of the sovereign of time prevail over space and time and the denizens of the world! prevail over space and time and the denizens of the world!

The Proof of God By Ibn Hani Al-Andalusi You run with the light of God among His servants so that you may illumine their hearts and shine therein as His proof. Our eyes have observed your brilliance, but in fact opinion has never understood the essence of your reality. I fear you with a reverence, lest the sun forgets its rising, just as your remembrance made the angels forget their praise. You are the Spirit because your image is shaped from the spiritual world of your Lord and supported by knowledge. I swear that if the world did not call you a caliph, they would certainly have called you a second Messiah. The Pure Progeny By Al Mu'ayyad fi'l din Al Shirazi Peace be upon the pure progeny, and welcome to their resplendent lights. I begin with peace upon Adam from whom came all mankind, whether nomadic or sedentary. Peace be upon the one whose flood made the reprobates suffer from great misfortune. Peace be upon the one to whom came the peace at dawn when he was engulfed by fire. Peace be upon the one who with his staff overpowered the unbelievers of the tyrant Pharaoh. Peace be upon Jesus, the Holy Spirit, who by his coming, bestowed honor on Nazareth. Peace be upon Muhammad, the chose, the one who intercedes in the hereafter. Peace be upon Ali, the beloved, and those descended from him, the radiant stars. Peace be upon you, O Sovreign Lord of Cairo, and all their gain abides with you. I sacrifice my soul to Mustansir, who is supported by the legions of heaven. I bear witness that it is your blessed face which illumines the faces of your followers. You are the custodian of the fountain of life, and may the fountain of your enemies perish! Source: Shimmering Light An Anthology of Ismaili Poetry Translation by Faquir M. Hunzai A piece from Nasir Khusraw's Divan I chose the Qur'an and the faith of Muhammad, for that is the choice that was made by Muhammad. I'm certain by faithfully following these, my certitude will be like that of Muhammad. My key for the heavens, my guide to delight, my fortified castle: the faith of Muhammad! Muhammad is sent as God's prophet to us: thus is the imprint of the seal of Muhammad. The faith, the Qur'an - they are fixed in my heart just as they were fixed in the heart of Muhammad. My hope is to be - by the grace of the Lord - the lowliest one in the folk of Muhammad. In the ocean of faith you see, the Qur'an Is the most precious pearl in the hand of Muhammad. As every kind has a treasure concealed, thus is the Qur'an: treasure trove of Muhammad! Now look at the jewel that sits on this treasure! Whom do you consider the trustee of Muhammad? His followers find yonder jewel of faith from nobody else but the sons of Muhammad. Muhammad entrusted his treasure and goods to one person, worthy and close to Muhammad. Who was such a close friend? He whose dear wife was none but the darling black-eyed, of Muhammad. From this darling child and that cousin(Ali) appeared Hasan and Husayn, letters close to Muhammad. I know certainly this: Hasan and Husayn are jasmine and rose in both worlds, of Muhammad. Where could such a rose and such a jasmine appear in both worlds but out of the soil of Muhammad! I don't dare select any one among men above these two sons, lovely sons of Muhammad; I would be ashamed of the frown of Muhammad! The sword of pure Haydar, the mighty Qur'an are cornerstones of the strong faith of Muhammad, for he stood as master and with Dhu'l-fiqar in every fight to the right of Muhammad. Since 'Ali's sword helped the mighty Qur'an; 'Ali was the helper, no doubt, for Muhammad. As Aaron to Moses, so was 'Ali in rank A partner in faith and close to Muhammad. On Doomsday both Moses and Aaron will kiss the mantle of 'Ali, the hem of Muhammad. Muhammad's religion resembled a thicket; The lion: 'Ali, in the woods of Muhammad. Muhammad said: 'Go, and seek wisdom in China!' I went to that China, the land of Muhammad. I heard from the heir of the Prophet such words which were like the honey, so sweet, of Muhammad! [Nasir Khusraw, here, is talking about the Imam of the time]

Zikr Ali Mowla - very moving!

Dam hama dam Ali Ali by Mowlana Rumi
English Rendition of Qasida by Arif Babul

Saki e ba wafa manam, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali       ... 1 

Sufi e ba safa manam, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 2  

Ashike Murtaza manam, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 3 

Mutribe khushnava manam, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 4  

Adam ba safa tueen, 
Yusufe mah laka tueen  ... 5 

Khidhre rahe khuda tueen, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 6 

Shahe shariyatam tueen, 
pire tariqotam tueen   ... 7 

Haq ba hakikatam tueen, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 8 

Ham dame sayeedul basher,  
raj e shamshul qamar   ... 9 

Babe shabirro ham shabbar, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 10 

Sayeede sarware karam, 
goft bato ay ibne am   ... 11  

Lahamak lahmi  dammak dammi, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 12  

Ayah e Innama barat,  
taje la fata sarat     ... 13 

Shamsh gulame Kambarat, 
dam hame dam Ali Ali   ... 14

A humble poet, I am, Let me be your muse drink of me 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 
A Sufi, I am, Pure of heart 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

A lover, I am, of Murtaza Ali 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

My joy uncontained, I am in song 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

Adam the Pure be you, 
Yusuf the Beautiful too 

Tis you who's Khidr's guide 
 In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

His teacher, his inspiration 
Lord, Lawgiver, Teacher, True Guide 

Truth be, you are the Truth; the Absolute 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

Faithful Companion, in virtue incomparable  
In whose company pales even the Sun, the moon 

Oh, Father of Hassan, Hussein 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali  

Declared Muhammed, the Most Generous of generous 
My cousin, the son of my uncle 

My flesh is your flesh, my blood your blood 
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 

You are the Guardian, the Master of believers,  
That the Holy Quran makes clear, 
 Garbed, Crowned, Invincible, Unvanquished 

Shams, your humble servant, your Kambar Gulam, am I
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali 


Jeereh Vaalaa Janamo janamni dohaagan hoti
Teh sohagan kidhi moreh Saami
Re Vaalaa lakh choriyaasina bandh chhodaaviyah
Eva maliya chheh Antar Jaami
Re Vaalaa aaj Ali maareh aanganey aavyah
Sathey anant karod dev laavyah
Chaud lokeh vadhaavya.

Jeereh Vaalaa aad Nirinjan agam agochar
Navsah naam dharavyah
Re Vaalaa hun balihaari te Satgoorni
Je am ghar Saami bhaleh aaviyah
Re Vaalaa aaj Ali maareh aanganey aavyah
Sathey anant karod dev laavyah
Chaud lokeh vadhaavya.

O Beloved Soul
I have been without a proper guide for many births
My Lord you have finally accepted me
And you have freed me from the cycle of rebirth
(I am indeed fortunate) to have found such a Master
Who knows my innermost thoughts
Ali has come to my abode this day
And He has brought countless elevated souls
Who have serenaded Him in heaven and the earth.

O Beloved Soul
(O Ali) you existed when nothing did
And you manifested in this world
I am immersed in His love
He who has finally come to my rescue
Ali has come to my abode this day
And He has brought countless elevated souls
Who have serenaded Him in heaven and the earth.

Audio of Jeereh Vaalaa Dhanreh Ghadri my favorite!
Translation of Jeereh Vaalaa Paat Mandaavine

The Secret of God
by Rumi

Everywhere the secret of God is coming, see how the people are coming uncontrollably;

From him for whom all souls are a-thirst, to the thirsty the cry of the water carrier is coming.

They are milk drinkers of divine generosity, and are on the watch to see from whence the mother is coming.

They are in separation, and all are waiting to see whence union and encounter are coming.

From Moslems, Jews, and Christians alike every dawn the sound of prayer is coming;

Blessed is that intelligence whose heart's ear from heaven the sound of "Come hither" is coming.

Keep your ear clean of scum, for a voice is coming from heaven;

The defiled ear hears not that sound, only the deserving gets his desserts.

Defile not your eye with human cheek and mole, for that Emperor of eternal life is coming;

And if it has become defiled, wash it with tears, for the cure comes from those tears.

A caravan of sugar has arrived from Egypt; the sound of footfall and bells is coming.

Ha, be silent, for to complete the ode, our speaking King is coming.

"Hove hove aaj raaj mubarak hove"

"O ye who believe, obey Allah, and obey the Apostle (Prophet Muhammad) and the holders of authority from amongst you (Ulil Amr Minkum i.e. the Imams of the Time)"

Ya ayuhaa lazeena aamanoo, ati Ullah, wa ati Urasool, wa Ulil Amr Minkum - The Quran 4:59 Sura Nisa


Quran 36:12 Sura Yaseen: "And we have vested everything in the Manifest Imam" - Wa kulla shay'in ahsaynahu fi Imami'm Mubin


"O Messenger (Prophet), deliver to the people what has been revealed to you from your Lord and if you do not do so then you will not have delivered His message and Allah will protect you from the people. For God does not guide those who reject Faith." Ya 'ayyuhar Rasoolu ballig maa unzila ilayka mir-Rabbik. Wa illam taf'al famaa ballagta Risaa latah. Wallaahu ya'simuka minan naas. Innal'laaha laa yahdilqawmal kaafiriin. Quran 5:67


"This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favor on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion" Quran 5:3


Holy Quran: [4.175] Then as for those who believe in Allah and hold fast by Him, He will cause them to enter into His mercy and grace and guide them to Himself on a right path.


"He it is Who sent His Apostle with the guidance and the true religion that He may make it prevail over all the religions; and Allah is enough for a witness. Victory [48:28]"

Yaa- 'ayyu-hannasu qad O mankind! Verily
Jaa- 'akum  There hath come to you
Bur-hanum A convincing proof
Mir Rabbikum From your Lord:
Wa 'anzalnaa 'ilaykum For We have sent unto you
Nuram mubiinaa A light (that is) manifest.
Fa- 'ammal'lazina 'aamanu Then those who believe
Bil-laahi wa' -tasamu In God, and hold fast
Bihi fasa-yud-khiluhum fi To Him, - soon will he
Rahmatim-minhu Admit them to Mercy
Wa Fazlin And Grace from Himself,
Wa yah-dihim 'ilayhi And guide them to Himself
Siraatam Mustaqima. By a straight path.
“Kuntu kanzan makhfiyyan fa ahbabtu an u`rafa fakhalaqtu al-khalqa fa bi `arafuni - (I was a hidden treasure and loved to be known so I created the world that I might be known.)” - Sacred Hadith Kudsi

Dance, Dervish Dance by Hafiz

Dance, Dervish dance—
Bring the Face of God before you

Only love can lift the heart up so high
That its true Color is restored by the Sun!
See Him near and clapping,
That Perfect One who fathers Divine Rhythm.

O dance, Dervish Dance
And know you bring your Master happiness
Whenever you smile.

Last night,
So many tears took flight because of Joy
That the sky got crowded and complained
When I discovered God hiding again in my heart
And I could not cease to celebrate.

O dance, Hafiz, dance
Write a thousand luminous secrets
Upon the wall of Existence
So that even a blind man will know
Where we are,
And join us in this Love!

Dance, Dervish dance—
Bring the Face,
O bring the Face of your Beloved
Before you!

Forever Dance
by Hafiz

I am happy even before I have a reason

I am full of Light even before the sky
Can greet the sun or the moon.

Dear companions,
We have been in love with God
For so very, very long.

What can Hafiz now do but Forever


"The future of Ismailism depends on those of your ages and mine. Are we to follow the example of those who, in the olden days, in Egypt, in Iran, and in Sind, on different occasions, by faith and devotion, raised the banner of Hazar Imam till the whole world saw its light?

I say yes. For we young men must not fail, where our fathers succeeded so gloriously."

- Prince Sadruddin, July 30, 1950

Rejoice, Khushiali Mubarak!

Didaar Mubarak! Please visit my Didaar Page and also read the symbolism of Darbaar, Mashallah!

Let us end with the Ismaili Anthem the Salaami

Salwaat Audio
Allahuma salli ala Muhammadin wa Aali Muhammad!

Lovely Qasida (Madoh) Yi Mehmon Ce Wezg, (The Guest has come) Song by Daulat Baig (Poetry Abdullah Bai)
Transliteration and Translation of above Qasida
Qadi Nomaan's Majlis on Bayah
Al Muayyad's Majlis on Love for the Imams
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Pictures from Imam's Birthday Celebrations 2009

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